Our Menus

The Sportsman has 2 menus. The first is chalked up on the board and is changed daily depending on the ingredients that come from the farms, boats and game dealers.

The second is a tasting menu which is designed to be a showcase for the local environment and the ingredients that we source from it. It is a menu of small dishes that includes recipes from the past 11 years along with new ideas. It is served with homemade butter and sea salt. If you would like to try the tasting menu please let us know at least 48 hours in advance. It is available for tables of six or less and must be taken by the whole table. At the moment, the tasting menu is not available on Saturdays or Sundays.

Sample tasting Menu

This is an example of our tasting menu. At the moment the menu must be pre-ordered (just let us know when you book) and is only available Tuesday to Friday (lunch and dinner inclusive) for a maximum of 6 people. Ingredients will vary.

For more information call 01227 273370.

Pork scratchings, bread, home-churned butter (unpasteurized when possible) and Seasalter Sea Salt
Mussel and bacon chowder
18 month salt cured Seasalter ham
Braised brill fillet with a smoked herring roe sauce
Roast Monkshill Farm Lamb
Pear ice lolly and ginger cake-milk
Jasmine tea junket and rosehip syrup


Sample menu

Whitstable Native Oysters £2.95 each
Rock oysters and hot chorizo £1.20 each
Slip Sole grilled in seaweed butter £9.95
Mussel and bacon chowder £5.95
Whisky cured smoked salmon and soda bread £8.95
Pickled herrings and cabbage salad £5.95
Pork terrine £7.95
Crab risotto £9.95

Main Courses
Crispy duck, smoked chilli salsa and sour cream £17.95
Monkshill Farm pork belly and apple sauce £17.95
Seared thornback ray, brown butter, cockles and sherry vinegar dressing £19.95
Turbot fillet braised in Vin Jaune with smoked pork belly £22.95
Roast Waterham Farm chicken with bread sauce, chestnuts and bacon £17.95
Gurnard fillet with a bouillabaisse sauce and green olive tapenade £19.95

Lemon tart and meringue ice cream £6.95
Banana Parfait, caramel, walnuts and chocolate sorbet £6.95
Dark chocolate mousse, salted caramel and milk sorbet £6.95
Jasmine tea junket, rosehip syrup and breakfast crunch £6.95
Cream Cheese ice cream, pear puree, meringue and ginger cake crumbs £6.95
Rhubarb sorbet and burnt cream £6.95
Unpasteurized Cheeses £7.95

This is a sample menu and may not be the same as when you visit.